This is a demo video of our early-stage prototype.

Jon Hsiung,
Chase Morrison,
Josh Garcia

Unreal Engine 4

Maya, Rhino

HTC Vive

Our friend Sahm Jafari illustrated the concept art for this project.

VR Terraform

As a team of three, we were curious in exploring how VR could be used in educational settings. To harness the potential of VR as a medium, we wanted to create an experience that isn't possible in real life and isn't fulfilled in a regular computer screen. Through refinements, we came to the idea of a terraform concept that allows the player to play a VR god to manipulate and spawn objects to populate the environment. Due to time constraints for the class, we showed an early-stage prototype for our final that illustrates our vision on a high level. The VR experience allows the player to spawn and drop different meshes into the VR world and teleport around inside the terraform to experience the environment. This is a project in progress.

Next Steps:

  • Refine VR interaction, dial controls
  • Integrate additional environmental controls
  • Map controller to spawning disk

Room-Scale Project

This project is inspired by Ray Bradbury's short story There Will Come Soft Rains. We interpreted and created a room-scale VR experience of the main scene in the story. After the atomic bomb exploded, the home appliances are still running in the house but there are no traces of any living human being.